Stage size: 20 x 25ft

Truss height: 10ft

20 feet of drum riser available in 4x8 sections  w/ 1 or 2 foot legs.

FOH console: Yamaha CL5  w/ 2 Rio3224-D = 64 in 32 out MON console: Yamaha CL5  ( Stage right ) ( Shared head amps )

 Power: 2 x 3phase 100 amp cam lock services stage right and left.

 Single phase 100 amp cam lock service stage right ( generally used for traveling lights )


 Back line: 

Drums:  www./ Birds Eye Maple: Kick - 22x20 Toms - 16x14, 14x15, 13x8, 10x8, Snare - 14x7

DW Maple, Black: Kick -  22, Toms - 18, 16, 14, 12, 10


All Hardware DW 9000. Single and double kick pedals.


Congas, Timba:  Quinto, Conga and Tumba w/ cradles

Timbales: LP Matador


Bass amps:

Ampeg PF - 500, SVT pro 3,  Ampeg SVT 8x10.

2x SWR Goliath 4x10. GK 800 and 400.


Guitar amps:

65 Fender twin, Hot Rod Deville 2x12,  Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12, Roland JC 120.


Keys: Korg SK1-88, Korg Triton Pro.


DJ Equipment:  2 x Technics 1200’s and Rane TTM57SL


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