STAGE SIZE: Our Stage is 24" wide x 20' deep x 34" high and equipped with a 4×6 2500Lb hydraulic lift.

Clearance: Vertical minimum clearances are DS-8'7", USC-10', USL-8'2", USR-7'5" and SRC-8'5".



CONSOLE: Yamaha CL5 w/ 2 Rio3224-D = 64 in 32 out
Note - We have a spare analog console: Yamaha PM3500 (52 channels, 44 mono, 8 Stereo, 8 Aux, 8 Analog Subs, 8 Matrix, 8 Mute groups, 8 VCA's)

EQ: (1) Klark Teknik DN-360 and (1) Klark Teknik DN-27,

DYNAMICS: (2) Symetrix 522 comp/limiters,(1)Valley People Gatex quad (4 channel) noise gate, (1) PreSonus ACP 88, 8 channel comp/limit/gate, (2) Klark Technics quad comps (8 channels).

EFFECTS: (1) Yamaha Rev 5, (1) Roland SDE 1000 digital delay units, (1) Lexicon MX400 quad engine multi effect unit.

MAIN SPEAKER ARRAY: A 4-way STEREO system custom built for the Belly Up by Sound Image consisting of SIX MID-HIGH CABINETS flown above the stage. Each box contains (2) 12", (1) 2" HF driver & (2) bullet tweeters.

THREE SUB CABINETS: Three cabinets each with (2)15"s located on the floor under center stage.

DETAILS: Four mid/high packs are down stage above the low frequency cabinets (2 house left- 2 house right), one pack is focused into the "Loft" section of the club and the 
remaining pack is off stage right in the "Gallery" section. 
Driver compliment: 15" are JBL 2226, 12" are either JBL 2206 (main array) or Fostex L-362 (sides), 2" are Radian 820PB and the bullets are JBL.
The system consists of two zones of coverage, the House Left and Right (zone 1)are crossed with a Yamaha D2040 (100/1k/8k).
The Gallery/Loft (zone 2)is crossed with a BSS FDS 334T. These are mono summed post the stereo master faders with separate fader control.

AMPLIFICATION: (2) QSC RMX4050 (sub), (3) QSC MX1500a (mid and lo mid), and (3) QSC EX 1600 (high).



CONSOLE:  Yamaha CL5 Digital mixing console – 48 in x 24 out

AMPLIFICATION: (4) QSC EX-1600's for hi's and hi mids, (4) QSC EX-4000's for lows all crossed with Symetrix 524E crossovers @ 1.2khz. (1) QSC MX2000a & (1) yamaha H7000 for Drum Sub Cabinet crossed 3 way with a Peavey CEX 4LA crossover.

MONITORS: (11) SOUND IMAGE wedges (including Cue) each with (1) JBL 2226 15" driver & (1) Radian 820PB -2" HF driver (Bi-Amped) (1) Sound Image drum fill with (2) JBL 2226 15" drivers & (1) Radian 820PB -2" HF driver on top of (2) JBL 2226 15" isolated drivers (Tri-Amped). (2) side fill boxes w/ (2) 2226 and (1) 820PB 2" (Bi-Amped).




Console: Avolites Pearl Expert Titan. Titan 5.0 software

CLICK HERE to see lighting plot detailed information.



There are 6 -110 volt / 20 amp circuit quad boxes available on stage.

1 - 220-volt 100 amp 3 phase service with cam locks

1 - 220-volt 100A single-phase service with cam locks

 A 220-volt single-phase 60amp service is available on the west dock adjacent to the "stage door". A second 220-volt single-phase service is available inside the back stage. You will need a 50-foot cable run to connect.


MICROPHONES: We have a healthy supply of the following Shure microphones.

Beta 58, SM 58, SM 57, Beta 57, Beta 52, 91, 98, 81, and 1 Beta 87

WIRELESS - 2 - Shure PGXD24 Beta 58A Digital wireless systems

8 - Telefunken: 4 - M80's 4 - M81's

2 – Sennheiser G3 100 Wireless systems

2 - Sennheiser 421's

3 - Sennheiser 604's

1 – Audix D6

1 – akg D112

2 – AKG C 1000

16 livewire passive DI boxes


Belly Up Back line:

 - DW Maple drum set (black):
  22" Kick drum, Toms - 10", 12", 14", 16" with legs, 18" with legs. 6 - 1/2 × 14 snare. DW 9000 Hardware, cymbal and tom stands. DW 9000 single and double kick pedals.

Hi Hats: Zildjian Avedas Mastersound Hi Hat 13" / 33cm,

Paiste 2002 Wild Hats 15

Cymbals: 2-Avedis Custom Crash 18/45cm,  Xist Brilliant Istanbul Agop - made in turkey 18"45cm, Zildjian Avedis custom crash 16"/40cm, Zildjian Avedis splash 12"/30cm, Zildjian Avedis Medium Ride 20"/51cm, Sabian B8 10"/25 splash

BASSAMP• Ampeg SVT PROIII Head, GK 800 Head, GK 400 head

Ampeg 8 X 10 Speaker Cabinet

S• 1965 Fender Blackface Twin Reverb. Fender Deville 2x12. Fender Hot Rod Deville 1x12. Roland Jazz Chorus 120

• Yamaha P-300 88 weighted keys
•  Korg Triton Pro 76 Keyboard
•    single and double tier stands

• Technics SL-1200 M3D turntables (2)
•Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer


For Questions Please contact Damian DeRobbio:


Belly Up brings the best in new, up-and-coming artists as well as established legends in genres ranging from alternative rock, indie rock, rock, reggae, and hip-hop to blues, folk, jazz, Latin & more!

143 S. Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075 (map)
(858) 481-8140
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